Desert Dialogues

Having made up my mind, I left the ocean and went to the desert.

At first, I perceived her as everything she was not. She was not the forest, not the plains, and not the coast. My peculiar reflex revealed itself as a form of bias, the origin of which I could not trace, and thus proved itself unnecessary.

“Say who I am.”

When I acquiesced to her subtle appeal, I could begin to appreciate the simplicity of her essence—a domain of sun and wind, light and heat, air and force, rock and sand.

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Radiant Body of Light

“The earth’s time of transformation into a radiant body of light has arrived, and it is already changing so that its physical properties are no longer as they were, but are containers for the light that comes from the Highest. The human body, too, is changing, and as it does so to ever greater degrees, many more will develop the capacity to manifest the light of God within every level of their human experience. Out of this choice, a new and sacred humanity will emerge — one that is conscious of its relationship with the Creator and that shares with Divine intention, the possibility for creating a new and sacred, illuminated planet.” —GurujiMa