2021 One-Word Intention: Transform

2021 One-Word Intention: Transform

Image: Canva

2020 was a tough year. It would have been challenging for me regardless of the pandemic, but I would say I felt uniquely prepared for living with a smaller footprint. Many of the lifestyle changes we were forced to develop because of the pandemic were things I was already working on.

Think back on the last year.

Write down 3 things you have lost. Security, familiarity, identity.

Write down 3 things you have gained. Patience, perspective, passion.

What did you imagine when you were in your darkest place? Homelessness.

What did you survive? Moving across the country.

What are 3 challenges you have mastered? Resourcefulness, deeply listening, accepting ambiguity.

What have been the consequences—good and bad? Anxiety, frustration, despair.

What was the kindest thing someone else did for you? Gave me space, offered emotional support, and waited.

What were some of your contributions to your community? Listening, grant writing, accepting direction.

Think about the year ahead.

Write down 1 thing you need to release. Expectations.

Write down 1 thing you’d like to develop. Relational warmth.

What are you excited about? Possibility.

What are you afraid of? Stagnation.