Degrees of Domesticity

Degrees of Domesticity

Image: Canva

If you observe and find that I am productive—much busier than you, perhaps—it is because I’m closer to it.

Closer to what, you ask? I won’t say it. I’m not that foolish.

Actually, we can supply a variety of terms that make sense. Closer to poverty, to a novel opportunity, to injustice, to progress, to chaos, to hunger, to wilderness… It could be any one thing or some of them all, but I like to focus on this perspective; it’s really about proximity.

If you’re safe and have the luxury of time to be a voyeur of anything, you’re probably evaluating how proximal to the same issues you may or may not be. To have the freedom to pause and decide whether something is beautiful or tragic, even that is a trifle.

In moments when I can pause to reflect on ideas like these, when I relax enough to evaluate my own position in society (to be self-absorbed, or to philosophize), I give a tiny quiet moment to honor my observers. Really? Yes, I do.

I acknowledge the truth of my own wildness, my occasional shrewdness, and I ask back, “How domesticated are you that you would not do the same? How close are you? How close have you ever been?”