My Inner Imogen

My Inner Imogen

Image: Canva

Perspective. It’s what you get when you climb high enough to take everything in. Nothing escapes your view.

I read or watched something recently about the natural world and how perspective, or even just unobstructed sight, can be the one thing that determines whether an animal will eat or be eaten.

And I got to thinking, if we watched an event like that unfold, would you do something to notify the unlucky soul? Kudos to you if you would. That is what makes us different than animals, right? A sense of justice. Or a sense of responsibility to one another.

Back to that hypothetical event unfolding…what if you tried to create a diversion or made some other kind of gesture to save the prey from its horrific fate? Would you feel exonerated from culpability even as you watch the prey being devoured? I mean, you still tried even if the attempt had failed. Tough questions, right? They are for me. Considering all of that, if I had to choose I think I might rather be either one of those animals instead.

I might have been someone who struggled with figuring out who I want to be next, but one thing is for sure—I already know what kind of person I am. I know what my core values are. If there are secondary values I have relaxed at times, so be it. For that reason, the last thing you’ll ever find me doing is judging.

I’ll go on the record for this: in the scenario above, no matter how much perspective I ever gain, I don’t prefer to be standing there watching something (or someone) getting devoured in real time. In real life. That’s why I like things like fiction, documentaries, and biographies. I don’t like reality television, though. And I think that’s what the difference is between being human and being humane. It’s just one letter, right?

On a semi-related note, one of my favorite photographers in history was Imogen Cunningham, hence my selection of the photo above. She spells her name without the ‘e’ at the end and I spell my name with the ‘h’ in the middle. #funfacts

I like the way she obsessively studied her subjects. And I love that she appreciated the ordinariness of things and found beauty in everyday shapes and light. That’s where I like my drama, too. Where do you like yours?