What I Waited Years For (and Finally Got)

What I Waited Years For (and Finally Got)

Image: Canva

It’s true. There are things I made a mental note of wanting, and then I got them. There are experiences I wanted to create and then they happened, places I wanted to be, etc.

There are two things I’ve always done that have led to a pretty decent success rate—visualization and practice. I imagine how I want things to be on a daily basis, and then I do something to move closer to it.

If I fail, it’s because I try.

I check my progress monthly. Occasionally, I check results, but I do that sparingly. I might pause to shed some tears, but then I get right back up and keep working on the same thing with renewed energy.

On that note, I figured I’d end the week (or start the week, depending on how you see it) with a list of glorious things that have actually happened. They weren’t miracles. And they required waiting, influencing, or both.

  • History Channel finally has an online subscription service.
  • Grocery delivery service is for everyone.
  • It’s free (right now where I live) to use public transportation.
  • More people than ever can work and volunteer from home.
  • More people than ever understand their role in public health.
  • Close to home, I have the ocean, islands, mountains, creeks, and flowers all year long.
  • We have pivotal knowledge through technology that shapes how we live, love, and learn.
  • I spend more time than ever learning about social and environmental justice issues.
  • My value is honored in a multitude of ways. It’s beyond what I had ever imagined!