While reading the book of Esther, I was reminded of how useful it is to fast before doing something important.

After my breakfast of white rice, I decided to stop eating for the day. Getting ready to go outside tomorrow for the first time in two weeks is important, especially because it’s so risky to do much of anything outside right now.

Fasting has cleared my mind, though. It has allowed to me experience an online interaction as humor instead of criticism, no matter how the communication was intended to be received. #accomplishment

When I fast, I’m able to think about big ideas again, instead of our everyday plight. I think more efficiently when I fast, and it reminds me of other times in my life when I had less to eat but still experienced joy. When I think back to one time in particular, most of my fasting time was also spent alone.

Maybe they go hand-in-hand—fasting and solitude. In combination, they’re purifying and calming.

I’m glad I decided not to make more white rice today.

Honestly, I don’t even like white rice. At all! Before I was vegan, I loved sashimi. You know, raw fish without the rice. So it is a little ironic that I purchased a 5 lb. bag of white rice as fallout food. What was I thinking?

I’d rather eat nothing. Happily.

Tomorrow, I shop for food!