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From my window, I get to see the sunrise as it’s reflected from the trees.

I can’t see the origin yet, but in two more days I will get to take my first walk in a new place.

The week has started off on a good note. I stayed up late last night and I had the resolve to get out of bed early today. Until now, I had been reveling in the joy that comes from having a bed to sleep in and the reticence I felt toward getting out of that warm bed to start working in an otherwise chilly room.

Is it a “California thing” to turn on the heat only when it’s really needed? I think so. And it’s good! It usually makes me want to stay in bed longer, though.

Today is the beginning of what I’ll call the rice-only phase of my quarantine. I’m not sick at all, but I came into contact with people I don’t know, so I opted to quarantine myself in case I had picked up an asymptomatic case of COVID-19. So far, so good! However, on my twelfth day, I ran out of lentils. I have enough rice to eat twice as much in volume as I was eating before, so, I’m not worried. In just two days, I can shop for food. The question is what to buy with such limited means.

To make up for the convenient shuttle ride from the airport twelve days ago, I need to scrape together $180 that I hadn’t budgeted. Of course, as all impoverished people know, when you run low on money and you’re trying to make a payment of some sort, the easiest thing to cut back on is food. In light of my COVID-19 quarantine and my budget, this is why it hasn’t seemed like a good idea to shop at all. The only things I’ve purchased so far (from home) have been drinking water and toilet paper!

On Wednesday, I might have to shop only at the dollar store. Or maybe, if I go to the market at all, it will only be for apples, bananas, and oranges.

I’m still mulling over the notion of eating a raw diet. I’m about 95% there mentally. I think I would miss toast too much, which is “cooked” twice. Still thinking about it…I don’t think I’d want to give up baking in general. I suppose if I ate raw 80% of the time, that could work.

And now, everyone and everything is waking up! 🙂